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The Folk Music Journal is the scholarly journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society and has a particularly close association with the Society's Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, including an occasional series on Resources in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.

The Journal is published annually in December. It is sent free to all members of the Society and may be purchased by others.


Since its inception in 1899 as the Journal of the Folk-Song Society, the Journal has had a long and auspicious history. From 1932 onwards, it incorporated dance within its brief as the Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and assumed its current title in 1965. Many eminent scholars have been associated with the Journal. These include Lucy Broadwood, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Frank Kidson, Percy Grainger, Lady Gomme, Cecil Sharp, Frank Howes, Anne Geddes Gilchrist, Patrick Shuldham-Shaw, Maud Karpeles, Margaret Dean-Smith, Douglas Kennedy, A. L. Lloyd, and more recently, Mike Yates, David Buchan, Roy Palmer, and Keith Chandler.

Contents from Vol 1 (1969) to the present