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Mike Yates is one of the foremost post-war British collectors.

He has recorded widely in Southern England - George Spicer, Harry Upton, Johnny Doughty, Walter Pardon to name but a few - including Gypsy and travelling singers such as Phoebe Smith, Jasper Smith and Harry Brazil. But he also recorded songs from Frank Hinchcliffe in Yorkshire, instrumental music in Northumberland, and in Appalachia, following in the trail, of Cecil Sharp - see Far in the Mountains, volumes 1 to 5: some thoughts, comments and memories.

His recordings have been released commercially on Topic Records, Musical Traditions, Veteran and on his own Home-Made Music and Kyloe Records labels.

He has written a number of articles for the Musical Traditions internet magazine. Time Has Made a Change - some reflections gives some insight into what drew him to traditional music and to collecting.