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Albert Lancaster Lloyd (29 February, 1908 - 29 September, 1982), usually known as A. L. Lloyd or Bert Lloyd, was an English folk singer and collector of folk songs, and as such was a key figure in the folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s.

Lloyd was born in Wandsworth in London, his father was an AA Patrolman and failed smallholder. His mother sang songs around the house and according to Lloyd mimicked the Gipsy singers that she'd heard. By the age of fifteen his mother had died and his father, an ex-soldier, was a semi-invalid, and Lloyd was sent as an assisted migrant to Australia in a scheme organised by the British Legion.(Edited) There, he worked on various sheep stations in New South Wales and it was during this time that he began to write down folksongs he learned. (See note)

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  • English Drinking Songs, Riverside Records (USA) LP, 1961. CD Reissue: Topic Records
  • England and Her Folk Songs (A Selection From The Penguin Book), with Alf Edwards, Collector Records (UK) 7" EP
  • First Person (Some Of His Favourite Folk Songs), Topic Records LP, 1966
  • The Best Of A.L. Lloyd, Xtra (UK) LP, 1966.
  • Leviathan, Topic Records LP, 1967. CD Reissue: Topic Records

With Ewan MacColl

  • The English and Scottish Popular Ballads 9 Volumes, Washington albums, 1952
  • Thar She Blows! (Whaling Ballads and Songs), Riverside Records (USA) LP
  • English and Scottish Folk Ballads, Topic Records(UK) LP, 1964
  • Bold Sportmen All, Topic Records(UK) 10", 1958. CD reissue: Topic Records
  • Gamblers and Sporting Blades (Songs Of The Ring and the Racecourse), Topic Records(UK) 7" EP, 1962
  • A Sailor's Garland, Xtra Records (UK) LP, 1966
  • Blow Boys Blow (Songs of The Sea), Tradition Records (USA) LP, 1967. CD Reissue: Tradition, 1996

Compilations and Contributions

  • Blow The Man Down, Topic Records (UK) 7" EP, 1956
  • The Iron Muse (A Panorama of Industrial Folk Music), Topic Records(UK) LP, 1963
  • Farewell Nancy (Sea Songs and Shanties), Topic Records(UK) LP, 1964
  • The Bird In The Bush (Traditional Erotic Songs) , Topic Records(UK) LP, 1966
  • Singing The Fishing - A Radio Ballad, Argo Records (UK) LP, 1967
  • The Valiant Sailor (Songs & Ballads of Nelosn's Navy), Topic Records(UK) LP, 1973
  • Sea Shanties, Topic Records (UK) LP, 1974
  • The Transports A Ballad Opera by Peter Bellamy), Free Reed (UK) 2LP, 1977
  • Topic Sampler No. 1 - Folk Songs, Topic Records(UK) LP
  • Topic Sampler No. 2 - Folk Songs, Topic Records(UK) LP
  • Topic Sampler No. 3 - Men At Work, Topic Records(UK) LP
  • Topic Sampler No. 6 - A Collection Of Ballads & Broadsides, Topic Records(UK) LP
  • Topic Sampler No. 7 - Sea Songs & Shanties, Topic Records(UK) LP

Recorded and Edited By

Radio Documentaries

These titles are in the Paul Graney Memorial Archive and the catalogue number is quoted

  • The Music Of The British Isle (RTR6-28-2)
  • Bartok the Collector (Cass4-23-A+B)
  • Songs of Myth and Legend (Cass4-77-A)
  • Songs of the People/Gone for a Soldier (Cass4-77-B)
  • Songs of the Open Road (Cass4-78-A)
  • Songs of Protest/Plutonic Protest (Cass4-79-A)
  • Songs of the People (Cass4-65-A)
  • When You Go Courting (Cass4-65-B)
  • Rumanian Song to the Dead (Cass4-71-A)
  • Lament for the Dead (Cass4-72-A+B)
  • The Origins of Polyphony (Cass4-73-A+B)
  • The Voice of the Gods (Cass4-74-A+B)
  • Child in the Appalachians (Cass3-63-A)
  • Cecil Sharp's Journey Through the Appalachians (Cass3-63-B)
  • Cecil Sharp's Journey Through the Appalachians (RTR12-11-1))(dub)
  • Music of Jugoslavia (RTR15-2-1)
  • Music of Europe (RTR15-2-3)
  • Folk Music of Albania (RTR15-1-2)
  • The Music of Rumania (RTR15-11-1)
  • The Music of New Guinea (RTR15-11-2)
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  • Music of Africa (RTR15-17-1)
  • The Folk Music of the Caribbean (RTR15-17-2)
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  • Songs of the People (RTR14-8-4)
  • The Asiatic Epic (RTR13-15-3)
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  • Birds, Beast and Fishes (RTR13-16-3)
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  • Australian Folk Song (RTR7-9-1)
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  • Australian Folk Songs (RTR7-9-3)
  • The Lament (RTR7-11-3)
  • Folk Music of England (RTR7-11-4 continued from RTR7-11-3)
  • Romanian Songs to the Dead (RTR5-6-4)
  • The Sound of Voice (RTR4-27-3)


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