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Frank Kidson, English folksong collector, music scholar, writer and antiquary. He was one of the founders of the Folk-Song Society in 1898. Born 15 November 1855 in Leeds; died, also in Leeds, 7 November 1926. Obituary by J T Lightfoot, published in The Choir

Articles about Kidson

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A number of key texts are available on the library pages of the Traditional Song Forum website.

Publications by Kidson

  • Kidson, Frank, ed., Traditional Tunes: A Collection of Ballad Airs, Chiefly Obtained in Yorkshire and the South of Scotland; Together with their Appropriate Words from Broadsides and from Oral Tradition (Oxford: Chas. Taphouse, 1891; repr. East Ardsley: S. R. Publishers, 1970; repr. Felinfach: Llanerch Press, 1999. ISBN 1 86143 088 4).
Collection of songs edited in a scholarly manner (with the emphasis on the melody), mainly from Yorkshire, some illustrative of nineteenth-century social conditions.
  • Kidson, Frank, ed., A Garland of English Folk-Songs, Being a Collection of Sixty Folk-Songs, with pianoforte accompaniments by Alfred Moffat (London: Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, 1926).
Mostly amended texts, with accompaniments.
  • Kidson, Frank, Folk Songs from the North Countrie, with their Traditional Airs, ed. by Ethel Kidson, arranged for medium voice with piano accompaniment by Alfred Moffat, Foreword by Lucy E. Broadwood (London: Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, 1927).
Edition prepared by Kidson’s niece, who made many revisions (Kidson died in 1924); many of the 60 songs appeared in Traditional Tunes.
  • Kidson, Frank, English Peasant Songs, with their Traditional Airs, Being the Third (and Last) Selection of Sixty Folk Songs from the Frank Kidson Collection, ed. by and rev. by Ethel Kidson, airs arranged for medium voice with piano accompaniment by Alfred Moffat (London: Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, 1929).
Further edition of 60 songs prepared by Kidson’s niece, who made many revisions.
  • Kidson, Frank Old English Country Dances - Gathered from scarce printed collections and from manuscripts. With illustrative notes and a bibliography of English Country Dance Music ( London: William Reeves, 185 Fleet Street, EC - 1890) Available online
  • Frank Kidson's contributions to The Leeds Mercury Hallamtrads