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George Percy Grainger (8 July 1882–20 February 1961), Australian-born pianist, composer, and song collector.

Pioneered use of the Edison wax cylinder recorder in field recordings, notably in Lincolnshire where the exceptional Joseph Taylor was amongst the singers recorded by Grainger.

Grainger in Gloucestershire

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  • A List of Published References to Percy Grainger’s Folk Song Collecting, especially in Lincolnshire, available in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library. Compiled by Derek Schofield
  • C.J. Bearman. Percy Grainger, the phonograph, and the Folk Song Society. Music and Letters, Vol.84 No.3, August 2003
    Abstract: "This article is a critical examination of one of the myths of rejection surrounding the career of Percy Grainger — the myth that the Folk Song Society, and specifically Cecil Sharp, discouraged Grainger's use of the phonograph and that this discouragement so dispirited him that he abandoned folk music work in Britain. It also considers Grainger's folk music work in the light of contemporary left-wing and Marxist criticism, particularly that of David Harker."
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