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Danny Brazil: was one of the 15 children of William and Priscilla Brazil.  Danny and his brother Harry Brazil had fallen out during strawberry picking, and during the ensuing scrap, a blow to Danny's throat ruptured his voice box, and left him with a harsh, croaking voice which continued throughout his life - although a tune could be made out at the core of his singing.  Danny, however, appeared to be regarded as one of the most talented - both as a stepdancer, whose reputation was still strong, although he had not danced for many years, and a singer, despite his ruined voice.  He described himself as a "light tenor" and the loss of his "instrument" obviously affected him strongly.

Danny died in Gloucester, in September 2003.

He was recorded by Peter Shepheard, Mike Yates, and Gwilym Davies, and many of his songs can be heard on the Musical Traditions 3-CD set The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside (MTCD345-7).

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