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Rod Stradling is a singer and melodeon player.  He sings at the fortnightly session in the Golden Fleece pub almost opposite his house in Stroud, and plays in the weekly session at the Prince Albert pub on Rodborough Hill, also in Stroud.  He has played in bands too numerous to mention, and currently is enjoying being part of the English music band, Phoenix, who record for Firebird Records.

Three years ago he completed 30 years service as a musician for the Bampton Morris Dancers, and is now able to enjoy the day as a spectator, and actually have time for a chat with the many friends from far and wide who attend the festivities.

He has also edited and contributed to the Musical Traditions Magazine which, in 1997, took over from the paper magazine produced by the late Keith Summers, 1983-93.  As a side-line to this work, he also runs Musical Traditions Records, which produces CD-Rs of important traditional music which would never see a commercial publication, for the small audience which values it.