1801 Preston's Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1801

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The source for this information is a photocopy of a book held in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow as part of the Kidson Collection. The book contains more than 24 tunes, has two styles of tune heading, and displays the additional date of 1792. The complete contents will be displayed here but bisecting the two and identifying the publisher for the other tunes will take a little more detective work. --JohnnyAdams 10:52, 6 June 2008 (BST) Village Music Project

Bang Up (By permission from Parry's Lyrist No.3


The Persian Ricardo

Mathew Briggs

Morgiana in Ireland

Crop The Croppies

Capt. Kinlock's Reel (By permission from Parry's Lyrist No.1

The Marquis of Harlington

Michael Wiggins in Ireland

Don Quixote


The Thalia



The Italian Momfrina

Persian Farewel

Jerry Blossom

Lord Cathcart's Favorite

Lady Cathcart

Change in style

The Wags of Windsor

Royal Review

The Tambourine

The Turnpike Gate

Colonel Harcourt's Reel

Lady Saltoun's Strathspey

The Devil Among The Taylors

The Broad Sword Hornpipe

New Drops of Brandy

The Grinders

Merrily dance the Quakers

Swinley Camp

The Cheshire Round

The Point of Honor

Brighton Races

Miss Ross's Fancy

The Russian Travellers

Devil or no Devil

Lady Lucy Ramsay's Favorite

Duke of Bronti's Favourite

Master Sitwell's Fancy

The New Century

Prince Wm of Glos'ter's Waltz

Duchess of Devonshire's Reel

Caen Wood Dances

The Surrender of Calais

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