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Yorkshire, the largest county in England, with both heavy industry and a great agricultural and fishing tradition, has much to offer the folk enthusiast. Unlike the other northern counties, its songs were much collected in the first folk revival, notably by Frank Kidson. It has continued to be collected for songs, in the 1950s by Nigel and Mary Hudleston, and since then by Steve Gardham among others. There is a strong dialect poetry tradition, and in the south west, it has the still vibrant Sheffield village carols. There are pace eggers and mummers in the west of the county, and it is the home of the English longsword dance tradition. Traditional dance tunes go back a long way, with important sources such as the 18th century Joshua Jackson Collection


Song database contains over 80 songs (so far) native to or sung for generations in Yorkshire, to play and download for free; entry for each song includes its history, lyrics, and a musical score.

The singing tradition in the Holme Valley and the Pennine Valleys around Sheffield has been carried by a number of singers, notably Arthur Howard, and also members of The Holme Valley Hunt.

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