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William Clarke's book (with an 'e') was found by the late Barry Callaghan who deposited the scans with the Village Music Project. The present whereabouts of the book is unknown. It's listed as being in the Lincoln Records Office but they can't seem to find it.

The earliest date is next to William Clark's name - 1770 but there are other names written in the book, including Charles Woodall and George Skelton in 1789 and William Moss, Lincoln, 1796.

Images of the manuscript

A single PDF of the whole MS is available at the Internet Archive.

For images of the separate pages click on the links below.

The WCL numbers are the Village Music Project references.

Jack's Alive (WCL001)

Soldier's Joy, The (WCL002)

Welcome hear again (WCL003)

Bird Catchers (WCL004)

Social Powers (WCL005)

Black Leggs or Bonny Cate (WCL006)

Sweet Richard (WCL007)

Tom Jones (WCL008)

Sports of Fancy, The (WCL009)

Blakney (WCL010)

Faithfull Sheperd (WCL011)

Merry Wakefield (WCL012)

Trip to Paris (WCL013)

Bon Gout (WCL014)

Grove, The (WCL015)

Lads and Lasses (WCL016)

Butterd Pease (WCL017)

Ballance a Straw (WCL018)

So Merrily Dances the Quakers (WCL019)

Over the Hills and Farr Away (WCL020)

Down with the Rumps or Rodrick Random (WCL021)

King and the Miller, The (WCL022)

Roger de Coverley (WCL023)

Daniel Cooper (WCL024)

Come Haste to the Wedding (WCL025)

Plyarteation, The (WCL026)

Sweet Willy (WCL027)

Kick the Bucket (WCL028)

New Lincoln (WCL029)

Beaver, The (WCL030)

Wedensday Night (WCL031)

20th of May, The (WCL032)

Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning (WCL033)

Farewell ye Green Fields (WCL034)

Mrs Hubard's Reel (WCL034)

White Joak, The (WCL035)

Cassino (WCL036)

Wars Alarms (WCL037)

King George the 3rds Minuet (WCL038)

Mrs Bakers Hornpipe (WCL039)

Allbena (WCL040)

Robin Hood (WCL041)

Britons Strike Home (WCL042)

Paddy Wack (WCL043)

The Female Fox Hunter (WCL044)

Gee Ho Dobin (WCL045)

Tho Prudence may press me (WCL046)

Happy Night, The (WCL047)

Branford Hunt (WCL048)

Cotillion (WCL049)

Miss Sackviles Minuet (WCL050)

Maggy Lauder (WCL051)

Retreat, The (WCL052)

Suky bids me (WCL053)

Lovely Nancy (WCL054)

(When I followed a lass that was forward and shy) (WCL055)

Nancy of the Dale (WCL056)

Vento's Farewell (WCL057)

Harlequin Evry Where (WCL058)

Colledge Hornpipe (WCL059)

Ye Warwickshire lads and ye lasses (WCL060)

Tally Ho - sung by Mrs Wrighten at Vauxhall (WCL061)

Duke of Gloster's March (WCL062)

March in the Desertore or Hertfordshire March (WCL063)

Hark, hark the joy inspiring horn (WCL064)

New Coldstream March (WCL065)

Changes of Bells (WCL066)

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