Why Can't It Always Be Saturday? (LP)

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Harry Upton, Why Can't It Always Be Saturday?, Topic LP SP104 (1978).

Recorded by Mike Yates at the singer's home in Balcombe, Sussex, 1975-1977. The LP was a limited edition release which accompanied the article "Harry Upton: A singer and his repertoire" by Mike Yates in Traditional Music, No. 10, Summer 1978.


  1. Buttercup Joe
  2. The Ship That Never Returned
  3. The Life of a Man / The Dockyard Gate / The Female Drummer / Bonny Blue Handkerchief
  4. Good Old Jeff
  5. The Royal Albion / The Little Cabin Boy
  6. Why Can't It Always Be Saturday?
  7. I'm a Man That's Done Wrong
  8. Seaweed
  9. In a Cottage by the Sea
  10. In Wayward Town
  11. The Thrashing Machine / I Come from the Country