VT136CD The Yellow Handkerchief

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Phoebe Smith, The Yellow Handkerchief: Traditional songs & ballads from England’s greatest gypsy singer, Veteran VT136CD (1998).


1. Raking the Hay

2. Old Gypsy’s Waggon (Romany Rye)

3. Barbara Allan

4. Jolly Herring

5. Johnny Abourne

6. Wings of a Swallow (Old Rocky Road)

7. Green Bushes

8. Young Morgan – with Joe Smith

9. LavenderJoe Smith

10. The Sheepfold

11. A Blacksmith Courted Me

12. Stepdance – to Martin Byrnes, fiddle

13. Game of All Fours

14. The Yellow Handkerchief

Details and lyrics from http://www.veteran.co.uk/VT136CD.htm

Danny Stradling, Musical Traditions review