Blacksmith Courted Me, A

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A Blacksmith Courted Me

Roud 816

As sung by Phoebe Smith on VT136CD The Yellow Handkerchief

  1. For a blacksmith he courted me, nine long months no better
    Until he won my heart, wrote to me a letter
    With his hammer in his hand, strikes his blow so neat and clever
    And if I were with my love, I would live forever

  2. Now he talks about going abroad fighting for strangers
    And you better stay at home and keep from danger
    Now you stay at home with me my dearest jewel
    You stay at home with me and you don't prove cruel

  3. Now you promised that you'd marry me since you first lay by me
    And now you're going abroad and you'll deceive me
    If I promised that I'd marry you it were only fancy
    So you bring your witness here and don't dislight me
    For it's witness I have none only Lord Almighty

  4. Now my true love has gone across the sea gathering fine roses
    My true love's gone across the sea with his cheeks like roses
    I'm afraid that rolling sand will spoil his beauty
    And if I were with my love I would do loves duty

  5. For there's once I had gold in store they all seemed to like me
    And now I'm low and poor they seem to slight me
    For there ain't no living man nor your own brother
    So it's girls whenever you love, love one each other
    la da di la la la da da da di la da di la da di da di
    So it's girls whenever you love, love one each other