Gown So Green, The

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The Gown So Green

Roud 1085

composite version from the Brazil Family (Danny, Harry, Alice), as printed in sleevenotes to MTCD345-7 The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside

  1. Now abroad as I was walking, all on the King's highway,
    I been weary of my travelling of many of long day;
    I met a lovely woman with a babe all in her arms,
    She kissed the babe and said she wished its father would return.

  2. "Now good evening lovely woman, for I longed to meet you here,
    With that pretty babe all in your arms you seem to love so dear;
    I think I knows its father and you before I've seen,
    Don't you remember the day my love, when you wore your gown so green?"

  3. Now her arms she placeted round him and fainted away.
    "Is it you my lovely Henery 'turned home to me again;
    Long time I've been lamenting, but now I'll make revoe
    Not a peace nor comfort have I had since from me you've been gone?"

  4. "Now I've lost one limb in battle, love, and that you plain can see,
    A-saving a bold commander's life, it proved the prince of me; (made the better of me)
    I'm left a noble pension, both silver an gold in store,
    An I means to make you my lawful bride and go abroad no more."

  5. Now let's you and I take a licence love out on this very day,
    Let's you an I get married love 'thout any more delay;
    With your sweet prattling baby more pleasure you will see,
    You'll never no more repent the day when you wore your gown so green.