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English County Songs was published by Leadenhall Press in 1893.

The full title of the work, as illustrated on the frontispiece is

English County Songs: Words and Music Collected and Edited by Lucy E. Broadwood and J.A.Fuller Maitland M.A.,F.S.A

Published by The Leadenhall Press Ltd, 50 Leadenhall Street, London E.C. J.B.Cramer and Co, 201 Regent Street, w. Simpkin,Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co., Ltd New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 743 and 745, Broadway.

Index of songs

A Cheshire Man went to Spain

Adam and Eve

A dashing young lad from Buckingham

Ah! There was an old man

All on Spurn Point

A North-Country Maid

An Outlandish Knight

Around the green gravel

As I rode over yonder forest green

As I sat on a Sunny Bank

As it fell out upon one day

As I walked out

As I walked through Bristol City

As I was a-walking one morning in May

As I was going to Derby

As me and my marrow

A soul! a soul! a soul-cake

A varmer he lived in the West Countree

A Virgin unspotted

Banks of the Sweet Dundee, The

Barkshire Tragedy, The

Beautiful Damsel, The

Bedlam City

Bristol City

Carter's Health, The

Cheerful Arn, The

Cheshire Man, The

Collier's Rant, The

Cold Blows the Wind

Come all you lads and lasses

Come, all you jolly ploughmen

Come, Deavie, I'll tell thee a secret

Come, I will sing to you

Come listen awhile unto my song


Derby Ram, The

Dives and Lazarus

Down by the side of Bedlam City

Easter Day was a holiday

Faithful Emma

Farewell, my Joy and Heart

Farmer's Boy, The

Farmer's daughter, The

Feast Song

Garden Gate, The

Golden Vanity, The

Good Old Leathern Bottle, The

Green Broom

Green Bushes,The

Green Gravel

Green Grow the Rushes Oh!

Ground for the Floor

Harvest Song

Here come three dukes

Here's a health to the jolly blacksmith

Here's a health unto our master

Here's a health unto the mistress

Here's two or three jolly lads

Here we come a-wassailing

Hold up thy hand, most righteous judge

Ho! yonder stands a charming creature

I been a-rambling all this night

I cannot get to my love

I'll spread the greeen branches

I'll tell you of a fellow

I'll weave my love a garland

I'm a man that's done wrong to my parents

In Bethlehem City

In Thorney woods in Nottinghamshire

I once loved a boy

Is any of you going to Scarborough fair?

I sowed the seeds of love

It's of a farmer's daughter

It was one summer's morning

Ive lived in a wood for a number of years

I will give you the Keys of Heaven

John Appleby

Jolly Ploughboy, The

King Arthur had three sons

Lavender cries


Little Sir William

Lord Bateman

Lord Thomas he was a bold forester

Loyal Lover, The

Lurg geurey gy niaghtey

May-Day carols

Me mither mend't me auld breek

Mistress's health, The

My bonnie,bonnie boy

My Johnny was a shoemaker


Nottinghamshire Poacher, The

Now listen, you landsmen, unto me

Now,Robin, lend to me thy bow

Ny Kirree Fo-Sniaghtey

Oats and Beans

Of all the horses in the merry greenwood

O father, father, come build me a boat

"Oh hangman, hold thy hand" he cried

Old Tup, The

Oliver Cromwell lay buried and dead

O Mylechrane

One Morning in May

One very keen winter

One Zunday Morn

Our Mistress's health we now begin

Our sheep-shearing done

Our sheep-shear is over

Outlandish Knight,The

O Vylecharane

Painful (or Faithful) Plough, The

Peace-Egging Songs

Poor Mary is weeping

Prickly Bush,The

Reaphook and Sickle, The

Robbie Tamson's Smiddie


Robin he married a wife in the west

Sally Gray

Scarborough Fair

Seasons of the Year, The

Seeds of Love, The

Servingman and the Husbandman, The

Sheepcrook and Blackdog

Sheep-shearing songs

Shepherd's Song, The

Souling Song, The

Spier, The

Sprig of Thyme, The

Stratton Church Chimes

Sweet Nightingale, The

Sweet William

Sword Dance Song

The Cheerful Arn

The day was gone

The lambs they skip with pleasure

The Moon shines Bright

There was a Lady in the West

There was a Pig went out to dig

There was a ship from the north country

There was a tree, and a very fine tree

There were three sisters fair and bright

There were two loving brothers

The sun it goes down

The sun went down beyond yon hill

Three Dukes, The

Thresher and the Squire, The

'Tis of a bold thresherman

'Tis of a fair damsel

'Tis young men and maidens all

Tree in the Valley, The

Tripping up the Green Grass



'Twas on a jolly summer's morn

Twelve Apostles, The

Twenty, Eighteen

Undaunted Female, The

Venus and Adonis

Wassail Bough, The

Water of Tyne, The

Well met my brother friend

We Shepherds are the Best of Men

Will you buy my sweet lavender?

Young Herchard

You noble spectators

It should be noted that the index of songs also incorporates an index of first lines;and some songs are given more than one title. Thus one song may appear more than once in the index (eg Dives and Lazarus, and Lazarus, and As it fell out upon one day are all entries for the same song - titled "Lazarus" on the relevant page of the book)

Structure of the book

The book is divided up into "chapters" each of which gives songs attributed to a grouping of counties, as follows:

Songs of the Northern Counties






Songs of the North-Western Counties




Isle of Man

Songs of the Midland Counties














Songs of the Eastern Counties






Songs of the Home Counties







Songs of the South Coast









Songs of the Sea

All on Spurn Point

My Johnny was a shoemaker

The Golden Vanity

The Crocodile

As can be seen from these groupings, particularly the last one, there was a somewhat arbitrary nature to the allocation to a particular grouping, and the appropriateness of its title (for instance, Wiltshire has been included in the grouping for the South Coast, and large tranches of various of the other counties are nowhere near a coastline!)

Three counties were also missing from the overall collection – Monmouthshire, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire.

The actual allocation of songs to particular counties was also somewhat less than accurate. In one or two instances a song collected in one particular county has been allocated to another because it was known that the version in question was sung there, or because the singer had actual associations with the county in question, although no longer living there.

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