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Ann Winnington MS, c. 1810.

In a private collection, released as PDF with the generous consent of the owner.

This manuscript tune book was purchased from George Kelsall’s bookshop in Littleborough in the mid 1990s. It consists of 38 leaves of MS paper measuring 9 3/8 by 5 7/16 inches (238 x 138 mm). There are the stubs of a further two leaves at the front and five leaves at the back which have been cut out. The paper is watermarked with a crown and the name Portal & Bridges. The book has been bound in card covers overlaid with a very thin leather which is in turn overlaid by a marbled paper. The final effect is of a half leather binding. The exposed leather of the spine is gilt decorated. The marbled paper bears the traces of printed texts. One of these appears to be a German (?) text in gothic type, the other is English. The English text is part of the Articles of War.. The front board is missing and only a fragment of the leather part of the front cover survives. The spine and back board are complete but the latter is broken. An end paper is laid down on the inside of the back board. It bears the following inscriptions:

Miss Halchett Mrs. Win Ann Winnington New York America

The name ‘Halchett’ is indistinct and may bear other interpretations.

The surviving pages are numbered rather erratically from 1 to 60 with 16 pages unnumbered. Each page has six neatly ruled (? printed) staves. The contents comprise dance tunes (some with dance notation), songs and hymns (some with words). All the tunes have both treble and bass lines. There are occasional indications of fingering.

All the pages of the manuscript have been scanned at 200 dpi and saved in both .bmp and .jpg formats. These files are ‘raw’ scans – no adjustment of levels nor filters have been applied. The accompanying table gives details of the contents of the manuscript and provides an index to the scanned images. The frontispiece indicates Winnington resided in New York. The manuscript includes dance tunes and hymns.

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