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I've entered up details re Electric Voices under this heading, where it would seem to fit. However, looking at the other entries most if not all of those are organisations which also run workshops etc... in the circs I'm not certain whether the intentions of this section fall under the educational heading... although having said that, workshops with Coope Boyes and Simpson in February are in the pipeline... any views, please?

It's fine there for the moment and it seems logical that organisers of long standing should be under organisations.

It could transfer to the directory once a policy decision has been made about developing that. --JohnnyAdams 12:43, 10 December 2007 (UTC)

Johnny, Can you please add in here a Yorkshire Garland Group entry? Established in 2006 by Steve Gardham and Mike Parsey primarily to promote traditional Yorkshire Folk Song. Main resource is the website at but the group is also involved in taking Yorkshire Folk Song into schools and the community at large, and organising workshops at all the main Yorkshire festivals. Also the main heading 'Yorkshire and Humberside' is no longer appropriate. There is only a radio station called Humberside now. It was officially scrapped ages ago.