Rich Farmer Of Sheffield, The

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The Rich Farmer of Sheffield Roud 2638, Laws L2

As sung by Wiggy Smith - recorded by Gwilym Davies at the English Country Music Weekend, Postlip Tithe Barn, Glos, 17 June 1995. Available on Band of Gold (MT CD 307).

  1. Oh, there was a rich farmer at Sheffield,
    And to market his daughter did go
    His daughter not being afraid though
    She’d been on the highway-oh before.

  2. She met with three bold-faced ... they was robbers,
    Three pistols they held at her breast
    “For it’s money and clothery we declare,
    ’r else we’ll take your sweet life in distress.”

  3. They ripped the poor girl stark naked
    And they gave her the bridle to hold
    “Now it’s money and clothes we declare
    Else we’ll take your sweet life in distress.”

  4. She put her left leg in the stirrup
    And she mounted her horse like a man
    It’s over hedges and ditches she galloped,
    “Now come catch me bold rogues if you can.”

  5. She rode to the gates of her father,
    And she shouted all over the farm
    “Dear Father, I’ve been in great danger
    But those rogues they hanna [haven’t] done me no harm.”

  6. She put her grey mare in the stable,
    And she spread the white sheet on the floor
    She counted her money twice over
    Five hundred bright pounds and some more.

  7. He said, “Dear daughter, if you have that fortune,
    On top of that I will give you more,
    And if ever you live to get married,
    It’ll keep the cold wind from your door.”

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