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It's not always the case but mostly, tunes that have come down the years carry the same names as the dances that they were played for.

A well known tune like The Devil Among the Tailors (or The Devil Among the Taylors - spelling was often idiosyncratic) is so called because it was the music to the dance of the same name possibly first published by John Preston in 1792.

This gives a problem when naming new pages in Folkopedia as a tune and a dance will compete for the same name.

Rather than getting into disambiguation pages as seen on Wikipedia, we prefer to differentiate within the page name.

So we use The Devil Among the Tailors-dance and The Devil Among the Tailors-tune.

That leaves us with the problems of:

The Devil Among the Taylors

The Devil Amongst the Tailors

Devil Among the Tailors

De'il Amangst the Tailors


In this case, we'll try and get a reference page identified which can be linked to by each title.

Eg. De'il Amangst the Tailors see The Devil Amongst the Tailors.

It doesn't matter which is the reference page as long as there is only one and it carries all the useful information in the one place.

A similar policy is applied to dances. See Policy for dance pages