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The piano accordion is an instrument associated, in England, mainly with the revival of traditional music in the 20th century. There are other types of free reed instrument that are more closely linked to traditional players, these include, for example, the concertina, melodeon and button accordion. How is a piano accordion different to other accordions? For descriptions and other links see [1].

How is it different to a piano? In almost every way. Don't be fooled by its appearance: it is a free reed and NOT a string or percussion instrument...

Piano accordion players.

The players shown first are of particular interest because of their connections with the continuation of a local tradition:

  • Jason Rice (Dartmoor) Jason has family connections with Jack and Les Rice, see [2]. He also plays with Mark Bazeley, related to another Dartmoor legend, Bob Cann.
  • John Graham (Headington, Oxon). John learned from Bill Kimber and plays for Headington Quarry (morris), see for example: [3] John also teaches local young musicians.

other piano accordion players 'in the tradition'

In addition the following players could be considered to be driving the development of 21st century traditions as they are performers, teachers and recording artists of note:

To Find a Teacher

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