One bitter night in winter

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One bitter night in winter

Roud 376

Version of The Faithful Sailor Boy from Charlie Bridger, Stone-in-Oxney, Kent. When visited in 1983, he could only remember the first verse and chorus, but was supplied with (and sang) two further verses from George Spicer.

One bitter night in winter
When the snow lay on the ground
The sailor boy stood on the quay
His ship was outward bound
His sweetheart standing by his side
Shed many a bitter tear
And as he pressed her to his breast
He whispered in her ear

Farewell, farewell my own true love
This parting gives me pain
You are my light, my guiding star
Till I return again
My thoughts shall be of you, of you
When storms are raging high
So fare thee well, remember me
Your own true sailor boy