MTCD341-2 Meeting's a Pleasure: Folksongs of the Upper South Vols 1 and 2

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To see the full CD details, go to the MT Records website where you'll also find the complete booklet notes [1]

Tracklist, Volume 1:

Adieu, False Heart, Margie and Gene York, Roud 11042
Ain't it a Shame to Work on a Sunday?, The Dixon Sisters
Cambric Shirt, Sarah Gunning, Roud 12
Come All You Young and Tender Little Girls, Nova Baker, Roud 3606
Come all You Reckless, Rambling Boys, Nova Baker
Come all Young Men and Maidens, Wash Nelson, Roud 182
Crawling and Creeping, Asa Martin, Roud 329
Deep Blue Sea, Annadeene Fraley and Daughters, Roud 3119
Devil and the Farmer, The, Hobert Stallard, Roud 160
Everybody's Favorite, Blanche Coldiron
Fair and Tender Maidens, Mary Lozier, Roud 451
Farewell Sweet Jane, Gracie Baker, Roud 3243
Fine Sally from London, Gracie Baker
Free a Little Bird, Henry Hurley
Granny Went to Meeting with her Old Shoes On, Vernon and Zora Judd
Groundhog, Wash Nelson
Hook and Line, Bert and Keith Garvin
I Come from West Virginia, Mildred Tucker and Carol Foster
I Never Will Marry, Mary Lozier, Roud 466
I Won't Marry at All, Sarah Gunning, Roud 2774
Inconstant Lover, The, Buell Kazee, Roud 454
Kate's Horn, Ray Hilt, Roud 555
Last May Morn, Mary Lozier, Roud 564
Little Birdie, Roscoe Holcomb, Roud 5742
Little Mohee, The, Hobert Stallard, Roud 275
Little Sweetheart, We've Done Parted, Hobert Stallard, Roud 262
Lover's Return, The, Margie and Gene York, Roud 3590
Natural Bridge Song, Nova Baker
New River Train, The, Blanche Coldiron, Roud 4568
Nightingale, The, Hobert Bowling, Roud 140
Nobody's Business but my Own, Henry Hurley, Roud 17344
Old Virginia Gals, Mary Lozier
One Morning in May, Mildred Tucker, Roud 140
Preacher and his Specs, The, Sarah Gunning
Preacher and the Fiddle, The, Hobert Stallard
Pretty Fair Miss all in the Garden, Nova Baker and Elsie Vanover, Roud 264
Schottische, John Lozier
Something Sweet to Tell, Ray Hilt and Group
Susan's Gone, Francis Gillum
Wildwood Flower, Alva Greene and Francis Gilllum, Roud 757
Woe Unto You the Time has Come, Hobert Stallard

Tracklist, Volume 2:

Callahan, Hobert Bowling
Captain Devin, Sarah Gunning, Roud 533
Charlotte of Edinborough Town, Nimrod Workman, Roud 398
Cruel Willie, J P and Annadeene Fraley
Darling Cory, Bert Garvin, Roud 5723
Death of Harry Sims, The, Jim Garland, Roud 19329
Dixon said to Johnson, Nimrod Workman, Roud 17
Edward Hawkins, Asa Martin with the Cumberland Rangers, Roud 17595
Gay Spanish Maid, The, Nova Baker and Elsie Vanover, Roud 708
Hangman, Sarah Gunning, Roud 144
Harlan County Tragedy, The, Asa Martin
Hick Carmichael, Wash Nelson
Highwayman, The, Asa Martin, Roud 144
House Carpenter, The, Nimrod Workman, Roud 14
I was Born and Raised in Covington, Nova Baker and Elsie Vanover, Roud 261
In London City, Emma Pruitt, Roud 409
Jealous Lover, The, Elsie Vanover, Roud 500
Jim Luther, George Hawkins, Roud 447
Katy Dear, Margie and Gene York
Little Mattie Grove, Mary Lozier, Roud 52
My Little White Hat, The Dixon Sisters, Roud 691
Old Banjo Tune, Manon Campbell
Poor Ellen Smith, Annadeene Fraley, Roud 448
Pretty Polly, Francis Gillum and Alva Greene, Roud 15
Roving Moonshiner, The, Jim Garland
Rowan County Crew, The, Alva Greene, Roud 465
Rowan County Troubles, The, Mary Lozier, Roud 465
Silver Dagger, The, Lulabelle Greene, Roud 711