MTCD325-6 From Puck to Appleby

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Appleby Fair, 'Rich' Johnny Connors, Roud 16699
Barbary Ellen, Andy Cash, Roud 54
Biscayo, Bill Cassidy, Roud 179
Blind Beggar, The, Paddy Reilly, Roud 132
Buried in Kilkenny, Paddy Reilly, Roud 10
Charming Blue Eyed Mary, Mary Delaney, Roud 3230
Constant Farmer's Son, Josie Connors, Roud 675
Dingle Puck Goat, Mikeen McCarthy, Roud 8220
Donnelly, Mary Delaney, Roud 863
Early In the Month of Spring, Mikeen McCarthy, Roud 273
Enniscorthy Fair, Bill Cassidy, Roud 5312
Factory Girl, The, Bill Cassidy, Roud 1659
Finn MacCool and the Two-Headed Giant, Mikeen McCarthy
Flowery Nolan, Mikeen McCarthy, Roud 16693
Fourteen Last Sunday, Mary Delaney, Roud 1570
Go for the Water (Story), Mikeen McCarthy
Going to Clonakilty the Other Day, Mary Delaney, Roud 16694
Green Grows the Laurel, Mary Delaney, Roud 279
Gum Shellac, 'Pops' Johnny Connors, Roud 2508
Half Crown, The, Andy Cash, Roud 16988
I've Buried Three Husbands Already, Mary Delaney, Roud 16725
If Ever You Go to Kilkenny, Mary Delaney, Roud 16989
In Charlestown there Lived a Lass, Mary Delaney, Roud 1414
John Mitchel, 'Pops' Johnny Connors, Roud 5163
Kilkenny Louse House, The, Mary Delaney, Roud 12933
Lady in Her Father's Garden, Mary Cash, Roud 264
Maid of Aughrim, Peggy Delaney, Roud 49
Malone, Mikeen McCarthy, Roud 16689
Marie from Gippursland, Bill Bryan, Roud 7269
Mowing the Hay, Andy Cash, Roud 16878
My Brother Built Me a Bancy Bower, Mary Delaney, Roud 199
Navvy Shoes, Mary Delaney, Roud 516
New Ross Town, Mary Delaney, Roud 277
One Fine Summer's Morning, Mikeen McCarthy, Roud 2329
Peter Thunderbolt, Mary Delaney, Roud 1453
Phoenix Island, Mary Delaney, Roud 267
Poor Old Man, 'Pops' Johnny Connors, Roud 2509
Pretty Polly, Bill Cassidy, Roud 21
Rambling Candyman, 'Rich' Johnny Connors, Roud 2163
Sam Cooper, Bill Cassidy, Roud 16726
Sea Captain, The, Jean 'Sauce' Driscoll, Roud 3376
Selling the Ballads, Mikeen McCarthy
There is an Alehouse, Pop's' Johnny Connors, Roud 60
Town of Linsburg, Mary Delaney, Roud 263
What will we do when we'll have no Money?, Mary Delaney, Roud 16879