'Pops' Johnny Connors

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‘Pops’ Johnny Connors: is originally from Co Wexford, and is related to the famous family of traditional musicians, the Dorans.  He was an activist in the movement for better conditions for Travellers in the 1960s and was a participant in the Brownhills eviction, about which he made the song, The Battle of Brownhills, which tells of an unofficial eviction in the Birmingham area which led to the death of two Traveller children. This was one of several songs he composed.

An account of part of his experiences on the road is to be found in Jeremy Sandford’s book Gypsies under the heading, Seven Weeks of Childhood.  This was written while Johnny was serving a prison sentence in Winson Green Prison in the English Midlands.  He said that further chapters of an intended biography were confiscated by the prison authorities and never returned to him on his release.

Part of the booklet notes, written by Jim Carrol and Pat Mackenzie, to the Musical Traditions Records CDs From Puck to Appleby (MTCD325-6)