MTCD323-4 Far in the Mountains Vols 3 and 4

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To see the full CD details, go to the MT Records website where you'll also find the complete booklet notes [1]

Tracklist, Volume 3:

A Bed of Primroses, Doug Wallin, Roud 280
Banjo Clog, Walt Davis & Jay C McCool
Barbara Allen, Garrett & Norah Arwood, Roud 54
Brother Green, Doug Wallin, Roud 3395
Butcher’s Boy, The, Garrett & Norah Arwood, Roud 409
Camp a Little While in the Wilderness, Cas Wallin, Roud 7699
Carlisle Lady, The, Doug Wallin, Roud 396
Derby Ram, The, Doug Wallin, Roud 126
Fair Eleanor and Lord Thomas, Doug Wallin, Roud 4
Graveyard Blues, Walt Davis & Jay C McCool
Housecarpenter, The, Doug Wallin, Roud 14
Jack and the King’s Chest, Hattie Presnell
Jerusalem Mourn, Cas Wallin, Roud 4945
Little Willie, Doug Wallin, Roud 3606
Liza Jane, Doug Wallin, Roud 825
Lord Daniel, Cas Wallin, Roud 52
McKinley, Doug Wallin, Roud 787
Murder of Colonel Sharp, The, Doug Wallin, Roud 4110
Oh Come See Me When You Can, Morris Allen, Roud 4947
Poison in a Glass of Wine, Garrett & Norah Arwood, Roud 218
Power in the Blood, Walt Davis & Jay C McCool
Preacher’s Song, The, Cas Wallin, Roud 6984
Red Clay Country, Paul Brown, Roud 16966
Russian Roulette, Walt Davis & Jay C McCool
Shady Grove, Garrett & Norah Arwood, Roud 4456
Shoot that Turkey Buzzard, Doug Wallin
Some Have Fathers Gone to Glory, Cas Wallin, Roud 4213
Time Draws Near, The, Doug Wallin, Roud 3601
Tom Dula, Doug Wallin, Roud 4192
White Oak Stomp, Walt Davis & Jay C McCool
Worrisome Woman, The, Vergie Wallin, Roud 179
Youthful Warning, The, Doug Wallin, Roud 711

Tracklist, Volume 4:

Arishmen Learning to Talk, The, Ethel Birchfield
Big Horny and Little Horny, Ethel Birchfield
Black is the Colour, Dellie Norton, Roud 3103
Black-Eyed Susie, Robert Sykes
Brown’s Dream, John Hopson
Cotton-Eyed Joe, Benton Flippen
Cuckle Pea and His Sister, Hattie Presnell
Derby Ram, The, Cas Wallin, Roud 126
Devil in the Strawstack, Tommy Jarrell
Fair Ellender and Lord Thomas, Cas Wallin, Roud 4
Garry Dawson’s Tune, Benton Flippen
Granster and Nippy, Ethel Birchfield
Hesitation Blues, Cas Wallin, Roud 11765
June Apple, Benton Flippen
Let Me Fall, Benton Flippen
Little Betty Ann, Dellie Norton, Roud 5720
Little Honey, Dellie Norton, Roud 7701
Little Soldier, The, Cas Wallin, Roud 321
Little Sparrow, Dellie Norton, Roud 451
Oh Lord, Ellie, Dellie Norton, Roud 3602
Pretty Fair Miss All in the Garden, Cas Wallin, Roud 264
Roundtown Gals, Tommy Jarrell
Silkmerchant’s Daughter, The, Dellie Norton, Roud 420
Snowbird on the Ashbank, Mitchel Hopson
Train on the Island, Tommy Jarrell