Cas Wallin

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Cas Wallin: was one of Doug Wallin’s uncles.  Many of the songs that Cas and Doug sang were similar to those that Sharp collected from the singer Mary Sands, who was, in fact, the half-sister of Cas’s father, Thomas Wallin.  Cas had farmed for most of his life but was more or less retired when Mike Yates met him and his wife, Vergie.  They lived close-by to Evelyn and Douston Ramsey and Mike was sorry not to have been able to spend more time with them.  At one time Cas led the singing in his local Church of God.  Cas can also be heard singing Pretty Saro and Fine Sally on Folkways LP 2309.

Part of the booklet notes, written by Mike Yates, to the Musical Traditions Records CDs Far in the Mountains (MTCD321-4)