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Quoted from VWML website :-

John Moore was born at Wellington in Shropshire on 18 August 1819, the son of a brick maker who became a 'Nursery and Seedsman' according to the 1821 census. John inherited this business after the death of his father, Richard, and lived with his mother who is described in the 1841 census as a publican.

There are three volumes his music manuscripts that survive, one containing mainly sacred music (dated 11 April 1839) but the others being classic examples of fiddlers tune books including a mixture of country dance tunes of the early nineteenth century, a few songs and number of street tunes.

Information taken from Gordon Ashman's The Ironbridge Hornpipe: a Shropshire tune collection from John Moore's manuscripts (Blyth: Dragonfly Music, 1991)

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