Long Company

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Slain! who did him slay, who did him kill?

And on the ground his precious blood did spill?


I did him slay, I did him kill,

And on the ground his worthless blood did spill.

He gave me challenge, how could I it deny

How high he was, now see how low he lies!

The Long Company Mummers play takes place on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th of January around the Ryburn and Calder Valleys in West Yorkshire.

The play is one of the many events put on by the folk development project Ryburn 3 Step and involves a large number of their active participants.

Not only are there the 'Merry Actors', but also a large band of costumed carollers and musicians.

The open air play is conducted in the yards of local inns, at night, by the light of a ring of pressure lanterns.

The play being over, the celebrations continue inside the inns with tunes and seasonal songs.

Long Company Mummers