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Kevin Mitchell: was born in St Columb’s Wells, Derry City, and grew up in Springtown Camp and the Creggan Estate.  From a very early age he was interested in Irish songs, music and dance.  He followed this interest at every opportunity and, while involved in learning the Irish language, an opportunity arose to learn traditional songs first-hand from traditional singers.  Seán Gallagher encouraged him and and introduced him to several of his relatives who gave him ballads which he still sings.

Later Kevin attended Friday night ballad sessions in Buncrana where he was fortunate to meet a host of singers with good songs, including Corny McDaid, who gave him many fine songs and ballads.  Kevin finally settled in Glasgow in 1969.

He has continued to search out songs throughout the years and has appeared at many clubs and festivals in Britain, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

--RodStradling 18:21, 26 March 2007 (BST)