Hedon Road Gaol

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Song Title:- Hedon Road Gaol

Roud number 1077

Sung by:- Unknown aged female, Hull, Yorkshire, from a field recording

See text, score and notes and listen to recording as sung by Steve Gardham at the Yorkshire Garland Group website.

At six o' clock the bells do ring

For every man to rise,

To wash and scrub his little cell

And the place he occupies.

At seven o' clock skilly comes in

Skilly boiling, not!

It's sometimes thick and it's sometimes thin

And a pint is all you've got.


All around old Hedon Road Gaol,

Where you do no talking,

All around old Hedon Road Gaol

When you're teasing tarry oakum,

Hessian mailbags in your cell,

take warning what I've said,

It's a bloody rotten prison for a soldier.

And Hedon Road prison smells

And the bells are made of brass,

And now I've done my six-month

You can shove 'em right up your ...