Goose and Gridiron,The

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This tune was published with dance instructions by Peter Thompson in Thompson's 200 Country Dances Volume 3 Index

The Goose and Gridiron was a public house in London.

The old Ale-House had a long story, being one of the most famous in the city, whereof we may read in “London Inns and Taverns,” by Leopold Wagner. Before the Great Fire it had been called the Mitre, the first "Musick House” in London, and the meeting place of a Company of Musicians, its sign being a Swan and a Lyre. Its master had gathered many trophies of travel, which he displayed, and which are said to have formed the nucleus of the Britian Museum. After the fire it was rebuilt on the same site, but the new sign was so badly made that the wits of the town called it the Goose and Gridiron, and the name clung to it.

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