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George Fradley: had been raised in a musical family.  Most of the family were entertainers in one way or another and the family ran a troupe of performers that sang and performed humorous sketches in local village halls.  George knew all sorts of songs, from classic Child ballads to songs from the 1920s.  You can hear him singing Last New Year’s Eve and The Two Sisters on Veteran VTC4CD and a further eight songs are scheduled to be released on forthcoming Veteran CDs.

Part of the booklet notes, written by Mike Yates, to the Musical Traditions Records CDs The Birds Upon the Tree (MTCD333)

George Fradley lived in the Derbyshire village of Cubley, near to the Derbys/Staffs border. He was well known locally as a singer and contributed to village life in concerts and parties. His wide song repertoire was adopted by several of the county's folk musicians including Derbyshire singing group Muckram Wakes and singer and musician Ian 'Tufty' Swift, who accompanied George farther afield towards the end if his life, visiting traditional folk events.

George's songs included:

Mrs Merry's Ball

Fifty Years Ago

It's nowt t'do wi me!

Squire of Tamworth, The

Last New Year's Eve

Two Sisters, The