Derby Ram

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Derby Ram

Roud number 126

Sung by Charlie Wills, Ryall, Dorset; collected by Peter Kennedy in Bridport, Dorset, 19th Oct 1952. Also recorded in Ryall, Dorset by Bill Leader, Jan 1971.

Recording LEA 4041 first released 1972.

  1. When I went up to London town
    Upon a market day
    The finest ram which I did see
    Was ever fed by hay
    To my hi-diddle-um derby
    Hi-dinkum day
    Hi-diddle-um derby,
    Upon a market day

  2. His horns growed on his head sir
    They growed so high and tall
    A man went up in January
    And never got back till June
    To my hi-diddle-um derby etc.

  3. The wool growed on his back sir
    It growed so thick and round
    If you believe my story sir
    It covered nine acres of ground
    To my hi-diddle-um derby etc.

  4. The butcher that killed the ram sir
    Was up to his knees in blood
    There was five and twenty butcher boys
    Got washed away in the flood
    To my hi-diddle-um derby etc.

  5. Took all the dogs in England
    To pull away his bones
    And all the women in in England
    To roll away his pendilums
    To my hi-diddle-um derby etc.

  6. The man that sold the ram sir
    He must have been very rich
    And the fellow that sings the song sir
    Is the lying son of a bitch
    To my hi-diddle-um derby etc.