Cecil J. Sharp (1916) ''One Hundred English Folk Songs''

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PDF page images of Cecil J. Sharp (1916) One Hundred English Folk Songs can be freely downloaded from the Internet Archive here.[1]

ABC file of all 100 folk songs: File:Sharp100.abc


01 Henry Martin

02 Bruton Town

03 The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter

04 Robin Hood and the Tanner

05 The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O!

06 Lord Bateman

07 Barbara Ellen

08 Little Sir Hugh

09 Geordie

10 Lady Maisrie

11 The Outlandish Knight

12 The Coasts of High Barbary

13 The Cruel Mother

14 The Golden Vanity

15 Lord Thomas of Winesbury

16 The Green Wedding

17 The Briery Bush

18 Lord Rendal

19 Blow Away the Morning Dew

20 The Two Magicians

21 The Duke of Bedford

22 Death and the Lady

23 The Low, Low Lands of Holland

24 The Unquiet Grave ''or'' Cold blows the wind

25 The trees they do grow high

26 Lord Lovel

27 False Lamkin

28 Lord Thomas and Fair Ellinor

29 The Death of Queen Jane


30 Farewell, Nancy

31 Sweet Kitty

32 The Crystal Spring

33 The Seeds of Love

34 The Sprig of Thyme

35 The Cuckoo

36 Blackbirds and Thrushes

37 The Drowned Lover

38 The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell

39 O Waly, Waly

40 Green Bushes

41 Bedlam

42 The Bold Fisherman

43 The Rambling Sailor

44 Dabbling in the Dew

45 The Saucy Sailor

46 Fanny Blair

47 Arise, Arise

48 Searching for Lambs

49 Green Broom

50 Bonny Lighter Boy

51 The Sweet Primeroses

52 My Bonny, Bonny Boy

53a As I walked through the meadows. (''First Version'')

53b As I walked through the meadows. (''Second Version'')

54 Erin's Lovely Home

55 The True Lover's Farewell

56 High Germany

57 Sweet Lovely Joan

58 My Boy Willie

59 Whistle, Daughter, Whistle

60 Mowing the Barley

61 I'm Seventeen Come Sunday

62 The Lark in the Morn

63 Hares on the Mountains

64 O Sally, my dear

65 Gently, Johnny, my Jingalo

66 The Keys of Canterbury

67 My Man John

68 O No, John

69 The Brisk Young Bachelor

70 Ruggleton's Daughter of Iero

71 William Taylor

72 Sweet William

73 The Wachet Sailor

74 Scarborough Fair

75 Brimbledon Fair, ''or'' Young Ramble-Away

76 Bridgwater Fair

77 The Crabfish

78 The Beggar

79 The Keeper

80 The Three Sons

81 Jack Hall

82 Driving away at the Smoothing Iron

83 The Robber

84 John Barleycorn

85 Poor Old Horse

86 Botany Bay

87 Admiral Benbow

88 Bold Nelson's Praise

89 Spanish Ladies

90 The Ship in Distress

91 Come all you worthy Christian men

92 Wassail Song

93 It's a rosebud in June

94 A Brisk Young Sailor

95 The Sheep-Shearing


96 The Twelve Days of Christmas

97 The Ten Commandments

98 The Tree in the Wood

99 The Barley-Mow

100 One man shall mow my meadow