Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire

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The Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire

Edited by Llewellyn Jewitt Published 1867 by Bemrose and Lothian - London & Derby.

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  • King Henry V
  • A Ballad of Derbyshire By Sir Aston Cokain
  • Song of Lady Bessy
  • Devonshire's Noble Duel with Lord Danby in the year 1687
  • Unconsionable Batchelors of Darby, The
  • Humours of Hayfield Fair, The
  • (On the) Strange and Wonderful Sight (that was seen in the Air on the 6th of march, 1716)
  • Drunken Butcher of Tideswell, The
  • A New Ballad of Robin Hood
  • Robin Hood and Little John
  • Little John's End
  • Lay of the Buckstone, The
  • Sir Richard Whittington's Advancement
  • Derbyshire Miller, The
  • Tideswell in and Uproar
  • Derby Ram, The
  • Blink-Ey'd Cobler, The
  • Strange Banquet, A
  • Taylor's Ramble, The
  • Squire Vernon's Fox-Chace
  • Trusley Hunting Song, The
  • Squire Frith's Hunting Song
  • An Elegy
  • Cocktail Reel
  • Yorkshire Pye, A
  • Agricultural Meeting, The
  • Complainte of Anthony Babington
  • Derbyshire Militia, The
  • Florist's Song, The
  • Old Nun's Green
  • A Poem
  • Quadrupedes, Etc, The
  • Paving and Lighting
  • Nun's Green Rangers, The
  • Birch Rod for the Presbytarians, A
  • Lost and Dead
  • Song
  • Sir Francis Leke
  • True Lover's Knot Untied, The
  • An Address to "Dickie"
  • Driving of the Deer, The
  • Ashupton Garland, The
  • Derbyshire Hills
  • Derbyshire Dales
  • On the Peak of Derbyshire
  • The Derby Hero
  • A New Song
  • Rev. Bache Thornhill, M.A.
  • Journey into the Peak, A
  • Epistle to John Bradshaw, Esq.
  • Hugh Stenson and Molly Green
  • Beggar's Ramble, The (1) (2)
  • Henry and Clara
  • Gypsies' Song, The
  • Flax-Dresser's Wife of Spondon, The
  • Ashborne Foot-ball Song
  • Parson's Torr, The

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