Adderbury Church

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Adderbury Church, Christmas carol collected by Janet Blunt in October 1916 from William Walton of Adderbury, Oxfordshire.

  1. All glory to God, and peace upon earth
    Be published abroad at Jesus's birth;
    The forfeited favour of heaven we find
    Restor'd in a Saviour, the friend of mankind

  2. Our newly born King by faith we have seen,
    And gratefully sing his goodness to men,
    That all men may wonder at what we impart,
    And joyfully ponder his love in our heart

  3. Then let us behold Messiah the Lord
    By prophets foretold, by angels adored.
    Let every believer his mercy adore
    And praise him forever when time is no more.

Supposedly composed by Thomas Hayward, landlord of the "Coach and Horses" inn in Adderbury in the 1830s, and a keen amateur musician who composed hymn tunes for use in the local church.