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Folklore: a fully peer-reviewed international journal of folklore and folkloristics

Journal of the Folklore Society

Aims and scope

  • Folklore is one of the earliest English-language journals in the field of folkloristics, first published as Folk-Lore Record in 1878.
  • Folklore publishes ethnographical and analytical essays on vernacular culture worldwide, specialising in traditional language, narrative, music, song, dance, drama, foodways, medicine, arts and crafts, and popular religion and belief. It reviews current scholarship in a wide range of adjacent disciplines including cultural studies, popular culture, cultural anthropology, ethnology and social history.
  • Folklore prides itself on its special mix of ethnography, analysis and debate, formal and informal articles, reviews, review essays and bibliographies. It encompasses both North American and European approaches to the study of folklore and covers not only the materials and processes of folklore, but also the history, methods and theory of folkloristics.
  • Folklore aims to be lively, informative and accessible, whilst maintaining high standards of scholarship.

(taken from the Folklore Society website 22/04/2008)

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