You married men you know

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You married men you know

Roud number 2399

collected from Shepherd Hayden by Cecil Sharp, Bampton, Oxfordshire, 31st August 1909.

Sharp gave this song the title You married men you know, although Hayden presumably referred to it as You bachelors you know.

  1. You bachelors you know
    To the tavern let us go
    We’ll enjoy both our bottle and our wine
    So his wife she did come in
    And thus she did begin
    Crying: husband it is time to come home, to come home
    Crying husband it is time to come home.

  2. Come in and sit you down
    My joy and heart’s delight
    And our reckoning I will call and I will pay
    Fill up another quart,
    Let it be of the same sort
    And what will you drink madam I pray.

  3. And if she calls for any more
    The bottles I will break
    And the glasses I will dash all on the floor
    What could you fellows think
    To entice him so to drink
    He been rambling all this night with his whore.

  4. And a-coming home at last
    He met with a bonny lass
    And she was so frolicksome and free
    He took her in his arms
    And he’s rifled all her charms
    Saying: a bachelor’s life now for me.

(Cecil Sharp MSS, Folk Words pp.2122-2123 / Folk Tunes p.2332)

Image: "You married men you know" collected from Shadrack "Shepherd" Hayden, Bampton, 1909. Cecil Sharp Folk Tunes p.2332