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Thomas Sands Ms book is in private ownership but a photographic copy on tranparencies has been made by the Village Music Project

The book is 11 1/2" wide and 9" tall. It is dated March 12th 1810. In sideways script is the word 'Rye Gaite' - possibly meaning Ryegate. The book is assumed to originate from Lincolnshire but this is yet to be confirmed.

I contains 270 tunes. The 'TS' numbers are the Village Music Project index numbers allocated to the tune.

The first seven tunes are bound in seperately.

Dame Durden (TS001)

To All Good Lasses (TS002)

Oh dear what can the matter be (TS003)

God Save... (TS004)

Moll in the Wad (TS005)

Balance a Straw (TS006)

I will Gang no more to yon town (TS007)

Fisher's Hornpipe (TS008)

Wright's Hornpipe (TS009)

Hornpipe (TS010)

March by Dobney - A favourite Scotch Air (TS011)

No.1 March (TS012)

No.2 Waltz (TS013)

No.3 Minuet (TS014)

No.4 Andante (TS015)

No.5 Giga (TS016)

No.6 Moderato (TS017)

No.7 Siciliano (TS018)

No.8 Allegretto (TS019)

No.9 Andante (TS020)

No.10 Minuet (TS021)

No.11 Giga (TS022)

No.12 Allegretto (TS023)

No.13 Andantino (with Bass solo + tuti) (TS024)

No.14 Minuet (TS025)

No.15 Allegro Moderato (TS026)

No.16 Largetto (TS027)

No.17 Roslin Castle (TS028)

No.18 Plato's Advice (TS029)

No.19 The Bower Waltz (TS030)

No.20 Life Let Us Cherish (TS031)

No.21 My Wife - Foolish Young Thing (TS032)

No.22 Bonny Charley (TS033)

No.23 I'll be Marri'd on Tuesday (TS034)

No.24 The Sylph (TS035)

No.25 Michael Wiggins (TS036)

No.26 Beggar Girl, The (TS037)

No.27 (untitled) (TS038)

No.28 Wood's Hornpipe (TS039)

No.29 Minuet (TS040)

No.30 Minuet (TS041)

No.31 New So Bell (?) (TS042)

Draught, The (TS043)

Russian Dance, The (TS044)

Duke of Sussex's Reel (TS045)

Princess Royal (TS046)

Miss Brown's Reel (TS047)

Hornpipe (TS048)

Hornpipe (TS049)

Hornpipe (TS050)

Persian Dance, The (TS051)

Morgiana in Ireland (TS052)

Lord Cathcart's Favourite (TS053)

Waltz (TS054)

Angelic March, The (TS055)

A Gavot (by Correlli) (TS056)

Honest Yorkshireman's Hornpipe, The (TS057)

Waltz (TS058)

March (TS059)

G.M. (TS060)

Reel - Bonum (TS061)

Jigg (TS062)

Hornpipe (TS063)

Hornpipe (TS064)

Hornpipe (TS065)

Paddy's Resource (TS066)

Maria's Frolick (TS067)

Double Kisses (TS068)

Chapter of Kings, The (TS069)

Turk's March (TS070)

Admiral Collingwood's March (TS071)

Miss Mary(?) Lee's Farewell (TS072)

14th of February or St Valentine's Day (TS073)

My Lady (TS074)

Henry's Cottage Maid (TS075)

Deep Nine, The (ad Libidum) (TS076)

Lads of Dunce, The (TS077)

And Keep Your Hair Dry (TS078)

Lady Montgomery's Reel (TS079)

Lady Mary Ramsey's Reel (TS080)

Italian Morphiana (TS081)

Miss Grimstob's Hornpipe (Bonum) (TS082)

Prize, The (TS083)

Lincoln Hornpipe, The (TS084)

Nelson's Victory Hornpipe (TS085)

Mrs Smollett's Favourite (TS086)

Duchess of Devonshire's Reel, The (TS087)

Frogmore Farm (TS088)

New Drury (TS089)

New Floating Battery (TS090)

Mr Benton's Hornpipe (TS091)

Lord Ramsey's Reel (TS092)

Miss Murray of Archentyre's Reel (TS093)

Lady Caroline Lee's Waltz or Hanovarian Waltz (TS094)

Lady Hamilton's New Waltz (TS095)

Waltz (TS096)

Miller of Droan, The - A Strathspey (TS097)

Hornpipe (TS098)

Lord Nelson's Waltz (TS099)

Lord Nelson's Hornpipe (TS100)

Saymor's Reel (TS101)

Colibri (TS102)

Hibbinson's Fancy (TS103)

1st A Good Reel (TS104)

2nd (untitled) (TS105)

3rd (untitled) (TS106)

Duchess of Atholl's Strathspey (TS107)

Old Through The Wood Laddy (TS108)

MacDonald's Reel (TS109)

Devil's Dream, The The (TS110)

Venus at Play (TS111)

Hornpipe by Rowley Bolt (TS112)

Smith's Hornpipe (TS113)

Admiral Duncan's Hornpipe (TS114)

Jugler, The (TS115)

Spanish Dollar - capital (TS116)

Witty Hornpipe (TS117)

Hornpipe - Bonum (TS118)

Miller's Hornpipe (TS119)

Hornpipe (TS120)

Sheffield Hornpipe (TS121)

Kite Hornpipe (TS122)

Lord MacDonald's Reel (TS123)

Sylph, The (2) (TS124)

Tank, The (TS125)

Muses, the (TS126)

Sweet Susan of the Garret (TS127)

Sir T H Liddell's Favourite (TS128)

Crop the Croppies (TS129)

Miss Gow's Fancy (TS130)

Miss Marsden's Favourite (TS131)

Drops of Brandy (TS132)

Hornpipe (TS133)

Prince of Wales Hornpipe (TS134)

Dean's Hornpipe (TS135)

Waistcoat Pocket Hornpipe, The (TS136)

Croppies Lie Down (TS137)

Opera Hat, The (TS138)

Monzani or Morgiano (TS139)

Voulez vous Danser, Madamoiselle (TS140)

Duncan's Hornpipe (TS141)

Duke of Norfolk's Hornpipe - Bonum (TS142)

Prince Edward's Fancy (TS143)

Figure of Five (TS144)

Northumberland or Bree's Loose (TS145)

Cuckoo Solo (TS146)

Duke of Cumberland's Reel (TS147)

Burk's Hornpipe - Bonum (TS148)

Tank, The (TS149)

Duke of Perth's Reel (TS150)

West Hornpipe (TS151)

Shooter's Hornpipe (TS152)

Prince of Wales Hornpipe (TS153)

Daniel or Duncan's Hornpipe (TS154)

Reel (TS155)

It Winna Do or Mr Watt's Reel (TS156)

Calder Fair (TS157) "If you had followed wisdom as I have followed care, you'd nevver have lost your maidenhead by going to Calder Fair!"

Sheffield Hornpipe (TS158)

Copenhagen Waltz (TS159)

Hornpipe - Bonum (TS160)

Hornpipe - Bonum (TS161)

Hornpipe - Bonum (TS162)

Gould's Hornpipe (TS163)

Countess of Sutherland's Reel, The (TS164)

Sicilian Dance, The (TS165)

No Body (TS166)

Pleasant Reel, The (TS167)

Miss Well's Reel (TS168)

Sweet Jessy (TS169)

Newcastle Hornpipe (TS170)

Norwich Hornpipe (TS171)

Wright's Hornpipe (TS172)

Hornpipe by Rowley Belt (TS173)

Sweet Jessy (2) ( TS174)

Rule Britannia (TS175)

Old Towler (TS176)

Brighton Camp or The Girl I Left Behind Me (TS177)

O Dear What Can the Matter Be (TS178)

Paddy Carey (TS179)

Gobby-O, The (TS180)

Miss Adam's Hornpipe (TS181)

A March (TS182)

Bugle Solo (TS183)

Tail Toddle (TS184)

John Anderson My Jo (TS185)

Wood and Marrien and A' (TS186)

Cauliflower, The (TS187)

Drummer's Rant, The (TS188)

A Trip to the Oatlands (TS189)

In the Dead of the Night (TS190)

Fairy Dance, The or Cameronians Rant (TS191)

Kiss My Lady (TS192)

Kiss My Lady (TS193)

Speed the Plough (TS194)

Caledonian Laddy, The (TS195)

Hull Dock Company's March (TS196)

Bonny Ann (TS197)

The Golden Days of Good Queen Bess (TS198)

Sailor's Allegory, The (TS199)

Calais Packet (TS200)

Hunting Chorus, The (TS201)

Buy A Broom - A Bavarian Air (TS202)

Jenny Jones (TS203)

Butter'd Pease (in a different hand) (TS204)

Reel (back to original hand) (TS205)

Der Friechuzts Quadrille (TS206)

Anna (TS207)

Jockey to the Fair (TS208)

Black Joke, The (TS209)

Trip to Gretford (TS210)

Hunter's Chorus in der F (TS211)

Hornpipe (TS212)

Quadrill (TS213)

Smash the Windows (TS214)

Cameronian's Rant, The (2) (TS215)

Dusty Miller (TS216)

Untitled (and in a different hand) (TS217)

1st Countess of Sutherland's Reel (TS218)

2nd Untitled (TS219)

3rd Untitled (TS220)

4th Untitled (TS221)

5th Untitled (TS222)

7th Untitled (TS223)

8th Hornpipe in Rowley Belt (TS224)

Duke of Cumberland's Reel (TS225)

Miss Murry of Archentyre's Reel (TS226)

Paddy O'Carel - Irish (TS227)

Apshenilin - Welch (TS228)

Farrier's Reel (TS229)

Miss Fletcher's Reel (TS230)

Nelson's Hornpipe (TS231)

Hornpipe (TS232)

Mrs McCarty's Reel (TS233)

College Hornpipe (TS234)

I'll make you fain to follow me (TS235)

Miss Green's Hornpipe (TS236)

Guardian Hornpipe (TS237)

Hornpipe (TS238)

Hornpipe (TS239)

Hornpipe (TS240)

Scotch Reel (TS241)

Miss Clark's Hornpipe(?) (TS242)

Gayton's Hornpipe (TS243)

Hornpipe (TS244)

The Perth Hunt (TS245)

Wilkinson's Hornpipe (TS246)

E.A Hornpipe (TS247)

Sicialian Dance, The (TS248)

Mr C.Clark's Hornpipe (1812) (TS249)

Hornpipe (TS250)

New May Day (TS251)

Stirling Castle (TS252)

Bilsby Hornpipe (TS253)

Hornpipe (TS254)

Gypsies Hornpipe (TS255)

Caster Lenor's Hornpipe (TS256)

Astley's Hornpipe (TS257)

Douth Down Hornpipe (TS258)

Rory O.More (in a different hand) (TS259)

Earl St Vincent's Hornpipe (TS260)

Stoney Steps Hornpipe (TS261)

Rick's Hornpipe (TS262)

Queen Victoria's Waltz (in a different hand) (TS263)

Foresters Sound the Cheerful Horn (TS264) (in hand 'a' + 'b'

Morning Hymn - a great air (TS265)

Evening Hymn (TS266)

Henrietta's Favourite - by Mr Clark 1840 (TS267) (in a different hand)

Untitled (in a different hand) (TS268)

Psalm 80th (TS269)

Abbot's Hornpipe (TS270)