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Editing can be simple or complex. See here for editing help or download a reference card directly.

Wiki syntax means links are coloured but not underlined.

Browsers less than IE6 (or equivalent) do not show editing buttons for formatting.


In the early stages it may not be immediately obvious where to place your contributions.

Probably the easiest solution is to go to the Temporary Store create a link in the new contributions section, put in your content behind that link and then we can organise the actual route to it afterwards.

Click "edit" (after Contribution List). type in a space line and add your line.

Page Titles

The policy on page titles is emerging. Some useful guidance can be gleaned from:

Policy for tune pages


Policy for dance pages


Templates are being developed as the work progresses. Hopefully they will provide an effective guide to how similar pages or blocks of information can be formatted and what information can be included. See Templates

'Wikifying' Your pages

As you input information, keep an eye out for opportunities to link to other information elsewhere on the wiki. If you see an opportunity then put the key word in [[double square brackets]] and if the page already exists it will be automatically linked. If the page doesn't exist yet, it will provide an opportunity for the page to be started when the link is clicked.


To upload images, go to upload file in the toolbox section (bottom left sidebar on this page).

Upload your file from that page, remembering the file name.

Link to that file later when you are editing the page on which you want to use the file.


There are many issues that face us when sorting out a body of information like 'folk'. People have a different focus according to their particular field of interest. When problems arise because of this focus we'll add the question and solution to the list of frequently asked questions.

Contacting us

If all else fails, please e-mail for help.