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Sometime morris dancer, mummer and folk club organiser, Midlands-born Simon Furey has been a traditional folk enthusiast for more years than he cares to remember, based in Notts, Sussex, Wilts and Kent. Originally an engineer by training, he discovered computers at university and rapidly switched to IT, in which he worked for almost all of his career until his retirement. Having once being accused of "selling his degree to the music shop" because he spent more time practising the guitar instead of studying mechanical engineering, he returned to university in later life to gain a far better degree, this time in Spanish (the result of spending so much time in Spain) and followed it up with a PhD in the folk song of Catalonia. He and his wife Wendy now spend half their time in Catalonia and half in Kent, singing in both places. He has published two books and his most prized possession is a letter from the Catalan Government addressed to "Sir Simon Furey". And no, he does not have a knighthood or any aspiration to one!