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Frank Kidson:-

Was partner with Thomas Straight (see Straight & Skillern). The two names are found separate about 1777-8, with Skillern at the old address, 17, St. Martin's Lane, and Straight at 138 of the same thoroughfare. Skillern appears to have retained the old plates and stock and continued the series of yearly country dance books; he also re-printed, with additions, one of the larger gatherings, besides publishing a great quantity of new sheet and half-sheet songs; much of this sheet music is merely stamped "Sk." Sometime after 1799, Skillern leaves St. Martin's Lane. In 1807 he is in partnership with Challoner and the imprint is now "Skillern & Challoner, music sellers, 25, Greek Street, Soho, removed from corner of St. Martin's Church Yard." About 1815 to 1820, Skillern & Co. are in Regent Street; the directory for 1822 gives Skillern & Challoner, Regent Street, near Oxford Street. An address near this period found on sheet music is "Oxford St. (opposite the Mona Marble Works), between Holies Street and Bond Street." In 1830, N. Challoner taught the harp and violin in St. John's Wood.

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