The Complete Musical Traditions

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MT on CD-ROM: The Complete Musical Traditions

Not for the first time, an academic has commented that articles, reviews, etc. in the magazine are difficult to cite in academic works, and voiced a concern about the long-term security of the material because of the transitory nature of the electronic media and of the Internet in particular.  This, coupled with a concern that many potential readers across the world without Net access have no way of reading the excellent stuff our panel of writers produce, prompted us to undertake the publication of a CD-ROM version of MT in January 2000.  It contained the entire output of the Internet magazine for the previous three years, and also included the major articles from the earlier editions 1 to 12 of the 'paper' magazine.  A new version (Volume 2) was published in January 2001 with the addition of all the year 2000 pages, and subsequent new versions have, and will continue, to appear each January.  We are now up to Volume 8.

The CD-ROM sells for £10 and, as well as being appropriate to the readers mentioned above, should also appeal to on-line readers who don't have the hard-drive space for a 'mirror' of the site, and to libraries and other Institutions.