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Hey, I just noticed another anomaly in the list. I noticed the entry for Johnson's 24 Country Dances for the year 1770, went to check it out -- and nowhere the the name Johnson seem to appear in it. The file name is, and the title page says "Printed for LONGMAN & Co. ...". I transcribed this collection back in 2010, but didn't record where I found it. Maybe I should add this URL to the files now.

Anyway, was Johnson somehow associated with this publication? I see that there is an entry under Longman. Maybe Johnson published a different booklet, and his entry just points to the wrong URL?

(I tried to submit this as a different comment, but couldn't figure out how to do that, so I just edited my earlier message for the "List ..." page.)

Reply: Hi John. Yup, an error. I have removed the entry. As you point out, it is already correctly entered under Longman. There was some interaction at the time between Longman and Johnson but I cannot claim that as the source of my error. If you have ABC files of any of these collections please feel free to add links to them. Regards, Chris.

OK; I've added links to my transcriptions to a few of them. I see that someone already did this for a few others. I'm doing a bit of reorganizing to get more consistent file names, and I'll add more links as I do that. ... It's now a week or two later, and I've added links for a lot more of my transcriptions, including most of the entries for Preston. If anyone would like to check my editing and see if I've done it right, I'd appreciate it. (While you're at it, you could also proofread some of my transcriptions, but that's a bit more work. ;-)

I have already heard from a few "Vintage" dance leaders saying how much they appreciate this page and how much more they'd like it if transcribers of other old collections included the dance instructions in addition to the music, so that the search sites can find them. But I suppose that could be difficult to do if you don't know the dance. 18th-century dance terminology is rather compact and abstruse, though it's usually obvious - if not always unambiguous - to the initiated.

Notice: In error I said that I'd added a link to Johnson Vol4, and I should have said Vol3.

How do we set about getting these manuscripts indexed on the VWML site in order that we can then put the transcriptions alongside the originals? (David Jacobs)

This Folkopedia Wiki is maintained by the EFDSS. The VWML is also part of the EFDSS but, as all libraries are, is concerned with making accessible only its own collections. For the present, David, this Wiki is the best place to act as a portal to all the different material on all the different sites, including VWML, VMP, Farne and others, since as a Wiki it can easily be updated incrementally by all those who are adding content to other parts of the web, like John Chambers of this parish. Personally I'd rather be able to access this page at will, than be at the mercy of a webmaster. I'm not quite sure whether I've answered your question. (Chris Partington)


Question [from John Chambers]: Would it be appropriate to add a link to a transcription "project" that's underway? I've been adding links to my transcriptions when I finish a book. But it occurs to me that it could be more useful to add it when I start a project. That way, if there's anyone else interested in the document, they can contact me, we can avoid duplication, they can proofread my transcriptions, etc. I've started on the 3rd volume of Howe's Musician's Companion, and each of the other two have taken a month or so as I have the "spare time" (yeah, right!) to do them. I've occasionally wished I could find people who've started a transcription project, so it seems possible that others might like to know what I'm working on, too. Not that there are all that many of us ...

++++From David Jacobs 18/11/2015 In a recent state of imobility I have uploaded most of the tune book transcriptions to correspond with the ones on that is a total of 29 dance and tune books. There are a couple that I couldn't find the any transcripts for, Yarkers for one? Also the Bray 1699 is in the wrong page order, I have changed this and let Richard know at vwml, but not sure there is much he can do. So If anyone would like to undertake the job of correcting the Bray transcription, please let me know. Also The Yarkers is interesting collection, again if anyone wants to do this let me know. Noticed it is now possible to add transcribed only to advanced find at VWML. Ok as for your question John Chambers, please do let me know what you are working on and if it is available online in manuscript form, I am more than happy to help with the coding to get it to match up with the images. The current collection I have been tasked with is Sebring Baring Gould, from Martin and Shan Graebe. This is a very complex project to upload, as the original music transcriptions are in Sibeleis format, and while it is possible to export these as midi, or xml, and then into ABC, a lot of errors crop up, especially with rests, bar lengths and timings. Meaning I have to go back and check each note with the siblelius original. The text to the many songs is in word format, so I have started to cut and paste this into the text section. I was hoping that someone could help me with the abc editing for this project, but you would need siblelus and a good knowledge of abc editing. I will send you the abc files formatted but not checked, along with the sibleius ones. Any takers?

And so the dance and tune books with abc transcriptions, let me know if you spot any errors, was kinda proud of myself 1600 or so tunes in a weekend, thanks of course to the orginal transcribers, who i have duly credited in the Z: fields.. List below, but it doesn't look like them all???

Bridges 1745 Button 1809 Button 1810 Button 1818 Prestons 1794 Prestons 1796 Prestons 1798 Skillerns 1781 Skillerns 1782 Skillerns 1799 Straight 1777 Straights 1779 Straights 1783 Thompsons 1762 Thompsons 1765 Thompsons 1767 Thompsons 1774 Thompsons 1776 Thompsons 1778 Thompsons 1779 Thompsons 1780 Thompsons 1782 Urbani 1800 Wrights

++from Chris Partington 26/1/16 Hi, I've only just realised that this comments page has been added to since my last comment in 2014. I have it ticked as Watch this Page but it seems to have passed me by. In reply to John, I too have wondered about how to go about this task of avoiding duplication. I think the simple answer would be to attach a note to an entry when we know an ABC project has begun. Then others could simply refer to that entry when they are choosing what to do next. For instance the VMP has one or two projects underway and I will add a notice to that effect to the relevant entries.

Gow's Complete Repository

A few weeks ago I seem to remember a mention of Gow's Complete Repository in this list, and since I've been transcribing its tunes "in my spare time", I thought I'd add a link to my transcriptions. But the entry doesn't seem to be there now. Did I just dream it? Anyway, I haven't actually created a new entry before, so maybe it's time to see if I can do that correctly. I found images of those 4 books some time back, after looking for them off and on for years, and thought they'd be a useful set to ABCize. I'm around halfway done now ...