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The entries re duet concertina/Maccann duet are conflicting. The quote from Hayden gives the spelling "Maccann" as does the site which is linked to under the heading of "MacCann duet". The linked article re Maccann makes it quite clear that that was the way that he spelled his name, and uses that spelling throughout. Without going back over all the stuff which I have read in the last few months on the subject it was my understanding that somewhere along the line a capital C crept in, and was adopted to a large degree, but that it is now recognised that the non-cap C spelling is wrong, as indeed is the other "McCann" spelling. Should some explanation of this be made, as we have two spellings of the same name on the same page, and a link to a very comprehensive website which also uses the non cap C version of the name ... ???


I'd like to query the assertion on this page that MacCann and Crane Duets are easy to find. They are not being made nowadays except by special commission, so used instruments are the only ones available. As a MacCann player myself, I often recommend this system to people who want to take up the concertina, but I'm afraid that the novice player will not be able to find an affordable instrument on which to "learn the ropes" - even the smaller ones start at around £500 and may be in poor condition. (Pam Bishop)