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Frank Kidson:-

Thos. Straight and Thos. Skillern were established in Great Russell Street, Covent Garden, before 1768, and they issued a set of Country Dances for that year from this address. They were at 17, St. Martin's Lane, in a shop previously held by James Oswald, before 1771 (probably about 1769 or 1770), and from here published sheet music and continued their yearly sets of Country Dances. They appear to have taken over some of Oswald's plates and stock, and they re-issued his "Caledonian Pocket Companion," while, with Wm. Randall's, their names are on the imprint of "The Comic Tunes in Queen Mab," the re-print from Oswald's old plates. Where the full imprint is not given on their sheet music, the publishers are indicated by "Str, & Sk." Straight was a music engraver. He retired from the firm in 1777 or 1778, leaving Skillern in possession of the shop at 17, St. Martin's Lane, and removing higher up to No. 138.

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