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Probably a definitive history of the sailor's lot throughout history, written by a man reputed to be the last working shanty man.

See Stan Hugill


(This will be expanded in due course)

  1. On The Beach Deals with many aspects of the sailor ashore.
  2. Sailortown Preludes
  3. More Sailortown Preludes'
  4. The Way of a Ship
  5. Fiddler's Green: a composite Sailortown
  6. Liverpool
  7. London
  8. Other British and some Continental Sailortowns
  9. Sailortowns of the Eastern and Southern American Seaboards
  10. Sailortowns of the Western American Seaboard
  11. San Francisco and its Barbary Coast
  12. West Indian and Latin American Sailortowns
  13. The Islands and the 'Colonies'
  14. Oriental and African Sailortowns
  15. The Intermediate Ports and Modern 'Sailortowns'