Nursery Rhymes and Country Songs

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Nursery Rhymes and Country Songs - Marianne H. Mason 1878

Quote:- This collection was one of the earliest to be published as songs with music, as collected orally from the original singer. It was also the first collection of traditional songs to be made by a woman anywhere in the world. Though many of the songs are nursery jingles or childrens songs, there are a number of adult songs and some good ballads. The last six songs in the book were taken, with the permission of the Broadwood family, from John Broadwood's collection of Sussex songs, published in 1847.

This book first appeared in 1878 and deserves to be better known. Many of the early collectors were familiar with it and Baring-Gould refers to it several times in the notes to his songs. This is a copy of the Second edition, published in 1908. (Quoted from the website of the Traditional Song Forum, where the content of the book can be found.[[1]])

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