MTCD343-4 Meeting's a Pleasure: Folksongs of the Upper South Vols 3 and 4

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Tracklist, Volume 3:

Darling Little Joe, Blanche Coldiron, Roud 3545
Day is Breaking in my Soul, Nimrod Workman, Roud 18268
Day is Past, The, Wash Nelson
East Bound Train, The, The Dixon Sisters, Roud 7390
Evening Train, The, Annadeene Fraley
Farther Along, The Dixon Sisters, Roud 18084
I Feel Like Traveling On, The Dixon Sisters
I Know Somebody's Going to Miss me when I'm Gone, Perry Riley
I'll Have a New Life, John Lozier
I'm Drinking from the Fountain, Nimrod and Mollie Workman
In a Foreign Heathen Country, Sarah Gunning, Roud 16775
In my Father's House, Henry Hurley, Roud 16172
Keys to the Kingdom, The, Francis Gillum
Little Bessie, Buell Kazee, Roud 4778
Little David, Play on your Harp, Jim Garland and Sarah Gunning, Roud 11831
Mother's Grave, Earl Barnes with the Cumberland Rangers
Motherless Children, Roscoe Holcomb, Roud 16113
Old Churchyard, The, Sarah Gunning
Robinson Crusoe, Jim Garland and Sarah Gunning
There was a Man in Ancient Times, Mary Lozier, Roud 3386
Unclouded Day, The, J P Fraley, Roud 17614
Walk around my Bedside, Lord, Roscoe Holcomb
Wandering Boy, The, Sarah Gunning, Roud 4227
We'll Understand it Better By and By, The Dixon Sisters
While Passing a Garden, Mary Lozier

Tracklist, Volume 4:

All I've Got is Done Gone, Van Kidwell and Asa Martin
All Night Long, George Hawkins, Roud 7698
Black Dress Blues, Nimrod Workman
Blackberry Blossom, J P and Danielle Fraley
Boat Up the Water, John Lozier
Brother Green, Mildred Tucker, Roud 3395
Carter County Tragedy, Wash Nelson
Chinese Chimes, Roger Cooper
Chittling Cooking Time in Cheatem County, Snake Chapman
Coal Creek, Manon Campbell
Coburn Fork of Big Creek, The, Michael Garvin
Cumberland Gap, Earl Thomas and Billy Stamper, Roud 3413
Davy Crockett, The Dixon Sisters, Roud 3589
Dusty Skies, Annadeene Fraley and Daughters
Dying Cowboy, The, Hobert Stallard, Roud 2
F D R Reelection Song, Abe Keibler
Garfield March, Ray Hilt
Graveyard Blues, Roscoe Holcomb, Roud 4946
Hard Times, Mary Lozier, Roud 876
Hard Working Miner, The, Sarah Gunning, Roud 2197
I Believe I'll Sell this Farm, Jane Ann, Jim Garland and Sarah Gunning
Jam on Gerry's Rocks, The, Wash Nelson, Roud 256
Lorena, Margie and Gene York, Roud 4346
Marching through Georgia, Blanche Coldiron
Morgan on the Railroad, Roger Cooper
My Home in the West, Jim Garland
My Peach Trees are all in Bloom, Roger Cooper
Notes (Slow Blues), Henry Hurley
Old Age Pension Check, Nova and Lavonne Baker, Roud 15868
Old Hannah, George Hawkins, Roud 6710
“One More Trip” said the Sleepy Headed Driver, Jim Garland
St Louis Blues, John Lozier, Roud 13982
There's a Hard Time Coming, Perry Riley
This Little Light of Mine, The Dixon Sisters, Roud 17768
Turkey in the Straw, Roger Cooper and Michael Garvin
Woke Up this Morning …, Asa Martin
Yellow Rose of Texas, The, J P Fraley, Bert Garvin and Group