MTCD339-0 A Story to Tell: Keith Summers in Suffolk 1972-9

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Doing My Duty, Ted Cobbin, Roud 21227
Abie My Boy, Ted Cobbin and Peter Plant
Blow the Candle Out, William 'Jumbo' Brightwell, Roud 368
Highwayman and the Farmer's Daughter, Alec Bloomfield, Roud 2638
Coal-Black Mammy, Fred Pearce
Talking about learning songs, Cyril Poacher and Geoff Ling
Three Jolly Sportsmen, Bob Scarce, Roud 17
Green Bushes, Geoff Ling, Roud 1040
Maggie May, Geoff Ling, Roud 1757
Mary Anne, Arthur 'Spanker' Austin, Roud 21228
Soldier's Joy, Fred List
All Tattered and Torn, Percy Ling, Roud 1407
The Nutting Girl, Cyril Poacher, Roud 509
The Kildare Fancy, Fred 'Pip' Whiting
The Ship I Love, Fred 'Pip' Whiting, Roud 17057
I'm a Man you don't Meet Every Day, Alec Bloomfield, Roud 975)
Step Dance Tune, Peter Plant
The Parson's Creed, William 'Jumbo' Brightwell
Cock of the North / Pop Goes the Weasel, Tommy Williams
The Seeds of Love, Alec Bloomfield, Roud 3
The Drowned Lover, William 'Jumbo' Brightwell, Roud 185
The Lincolnshire Poacher, Billy List, Roud 299
Talking about his grandfather, George Ling
Fairy's Hornpipe and dancing doll, Fred 'Pip' Whiting and Cecil Fisk
You Can Look but you Mustn't Touch!, Jimmy Knights, Roud 21238
Wild Flowers, Alec Bloomfield
The Yellow Handkerchief, Cyril Poacher, Roud 954
Poem, Harkie Nesling
The Rakes of Mallow, Harkie Nesling
The Baby's Name, Harkie Nesling, Roud 21229
The Flowers of Edinburgh, Fred 'Pip' Whiting
The Roving Gypsy, Fred 'Pip' Whiting, Roud 21230
Talking, Harkie Nesling and Fred 'Pip' Whiting
Polka(Jingle Bells), Harkie Nesling
Australia, Cyril Poacher, Roud 1488
The Female Drummer, Bill 'Dodger' Brabbing, Roud 226
The Sailor's Hornpipe, The Peacock Band
Truly Fair, Font Watling and Wattie Wright
The Recruiting Sergeant, George Ling, Roud 493
Strolling down to Hastings, Aileen Stollery, Roud 364
Chinaman, Aileen Stollery, Roud 1850
Pigeon on the Gate, Font Watling and Wattie Wright
The Lobster, Percy Ling, Roud 149
Old General Wolfe, Alec Bloomfield, Roud 624
A Broadside, Bob Scarce, Roud 492
Unidentified Tune, George Woolnough
The Flower of London, George Dow, Roud 548
The Indian Lass, William 'Jumbo' Brightwell, Roud 2326
Oscar's Waltz / Charlie Philpott's Waltz, Reg Reeder
Out with my Gun in the Morning, Jimmy Knights, Roud 1847
Talking, Jimmy Knights
Duckfoot Sue, Jimmy Knights, Roud 9553
Talking, Jimmy Knights
Wormwood Scrubs, Jimmy Knights, Roud 21231
Phil the Fluter, Tommy Williams
Paddy and the Rope, Billy List, Roud 2037
The Oak and the Ash, Charlie Whiting, Roud 269
Sailor's Hornpipe, George Woolnough
Lamplighting Time in the Valley, Cyril Poacher, Roud 13304
Step Dance Tune, Oscar Woods
Pretty Little Mary, Percy Ling, Roud 899
The Next Song in the Programme, Albert Smith
Sailor's Hornpipe / Pigeon on the Gate, Albert Smith
Old Brown sat in the Rose and Crown, Albert Smith
Cock of the North, Fred Pearce
Talking about The Ship, Cyril Poacher and Geoff Ling
The Burden of the Spray, Bob Scarce, Roud 21232
The Maid and the Magpie, Cyril Poacher, Roud 1532
Red Sails in the Sunset, Fred Eley Whent
Unidentified Tunes, Fred Eley Whent
The False Hearted Knight, William 'Jumbo' Brightwell, Roud 21
Young George Oxbury, Alec Bloomfield, Roud 90
The Barndance, Fred List
The Morals, Alec Bloomfield, Roud 21233
Jim the Carter's Lad, Ted Cobbin with Peter Plant, Roud 1080